NanoValid Workshop: Practical Guidance for the Safe Use of Nanomaterials

27-28 November 2012
Berlin, Germany

NanoValid partner BAuA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) will organize a workshop on practical guidance for the safe use of nanomaterials in Berlin, Germany, on 27-28 November 2012. The workshop will raise awareness to OSH experts and other interested persons from research institutions, start-ups, industry, labour inspectorates, etc., who can provide practical experiences in this field.

Within NanoValid, a draft guidance on state of the art of safe handling of nanomaterials at workplaces was delivered in cooperation of BAuA (DE), NRCWE (DK), CRF (IT) and Nanologica AB (SE). Based on this guidance, training material shall be generated for persons, who are responsible for implementation of occupational safety and health issues at a company level, but also for those working in labour inspection.

The workshop addresses the following topics:
1. Are the recommendations and the level of detail of draft guidance document adequate for practical use, especially in research institutions and starts-up with limited access to OSH professionals? Is there need for additional or less information?
2. Would a more legally binding character of this recommendation support its practical usefulness?
3. Which design should be used for the training materials (content, media and language)? How can dissemination be supported by NanoValid partners and beyond?

Agenda and Programme (PDF)

Further details:

The presentations from the workshop are now available via the following link: